Obligations Towards God and Our Neighbor

The Servant of God in a heroic way made an effort to bring glory to God. By a special grace, she understood very early the right of the Creator over His creatures and that everything has to be related to God. From then on, during her whole life all her thoughts, all her words and all her actions were focused towards this single aim.

Her understanding of the worship of God can be seen clearly in her way of praying, in her collectedness, in her humble attitude, in the mortification she imposed on herself in all circumstances in order to make this attitude more worthy of the presence God, an attitude which impressed everybody who approached her and which led them to God.

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The Virgin Mary as a Model

The Virgin Mary as a Model
and Her Role of Intercession for a Life of Love

The Servant of God loved the Virgin Mary in a noteworthy way. From her earliest childhood on, at the age of three, she felt the tender concern of the heavenly Mother, and from then on it was Mary she resorted to in all her needs. She wanted to get to God and to Jesus through Mary’s mediation. She asked her above all to preserve the purity of her soul. She wanted to imitate Mary in all her virtues which makes this purity flourish.
“I continuously recommended myself to the protection of the good Mother of God.”
She expected Mary to obtain for her the grace to follow Jesus as spouse in religious life. She had a great devotion to the Immaculate Conception.

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A Teaching of Faith

A Teaching of Faith: The Truths She Believed

Devotion of the Servant of God to the Teaching of the Catholic Church was ardent and unwavering. She came from the family surrounded by Protestants and who struggled to keep Catholic Faith. Therefore, she was aware of happiness to be Catholic.

“When some Protestants visited me during my illness (in the age of 17) I felt pity for them that they do not live in truth. I thanked our Lord for being born to Catholic parents. I said often: ‘O how I am happy to be a child of the true Church!’”

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