The Theological Virtues – Faith, Hope, and Love
as practiced by Mother Alphonse Marie

The key to understanding the spiritual life of Mother Alphonse Marie is delivered by the theological virtues which are the dynamic principles according by which her spiritual life develops. The characteristic features are as follows:

  • The theological virtues are closely linked in the sense that faith is in close relationship to hope and both virtues spontaneously aspire towards the love of God which is largely considered the high point and which is expressed in acts for the good of our neighbor.
  • It is right to say that the Love for God is a core of all other virtues.
  • These virtues were a uniting factor in her spiritual life and a deep source of motivation of her behavior.
  • The prayers and the confidential communications of the Servant of God show that for her, these theological virtues included the awareness of a specific personal relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Shea was aware of God’s presence within her and a deep union with God and Jesus Christ.
  • The Servant of God strived to practice these virtues in a more perfect way and the conditions were more difficult because from the beginning she lived in complete surrender to God in the midst of her surroundings. Her wish to love God in a more and perfect way had an eminent character of greatness.