Precious Pearls

Precious Pearls of Blessed Alphonse Marie

♦  She is a woman of contemplation who often repeated during her life: “I live, no longer I, but Christ lives in me” (Gal 2:20).

♦  Without hesitation she obeys the Lord’s call: ”Do not be afraid, it is my work!“ and she continues in the Charism development.

♦  In the time of trial she encourages her Sisters: “Explore your Divine Master, meditate on Him night and day to shape your life according His life.”

♦  During the formation of her Sisters, she relies on God’s help and asks: ”Jesus, my Divine Bridegroom, adopt these children, take their hearts like your ownership… and form them according to Your will.”

♦  She tells her Sisters to have confidence in our Blessed Mother: ”Blessed Mother can refuse nothing.”

♦  She never doubted about God’s goodness and therefore calls: ”Know that God’s mercy has no borders.”

♦  When treating patients, she appeals to her Sisters: ”Never deny anything to the sick, for what you deny them, you deny the Savior.”

♦  She is a woman of deep prayer. She said: ”True prayer comes from the heart.”

♦  She passed through suffering of every kind and boldly encourages us: ”Your suffering should neither darken your countenance nor depress your thoughts.”

♦  She is a woman of the Church. She often repeats: “I have shown esteem, love and absolute devotion to our Holy Father as Head of the Church. I am so happy to be a child of the true Church!”

♦  She is a woman of humanity. She encourages all of us: “I love the sinners tenderly, I see in them, only, God’s creation, the object of His love.”

♦  She is a woman of ecumenism. It is said of her: “She cared for Protestants and everyone without distinction who asked her for help and provided them care selflessly and with love.”

♦  She is a woman of dialog. She encourages us: “God will bless what you say in His name.”

♦  She is a woman with a deep sense of family when unhesitatingly: ”She received abandoned and poor children and cared for them supplying the appropriate education.”

♦  She is a woman of periphery since very beginning of foundation of the Congregation: “Night and day she hastened to serve the poor and sick, mainly, the dying in their homes.”