Relics have always extraordinary respect and attention in the Church, because the body of the Blessed and the Saints, while they lived in this world, was the living temple of the Holy Spirit. It was also the instrument of their sanctity which the Holy See acknowledged by their beatification or canonization. Therefore, it is necessary to respect the sacredness of the relics and support their veneration.

With the permission of the Church’s competent authorities, the casket with remains of our Foundress, from November 1959, was open. With the help of specialist we prepared the relics of our Venerable Servant of God.  

After the competitions of these works, on April 10, 2018, Holy Mass was celebrated by Archbishop Msgr. Luc Ravel and the Priests of the Diocese Strasburg. During this Holy Mass the casket with remains of Mother Alphonse Marie was placed in a restored place in the Oratory in Oberbronn.

Sister M. Katarína Krištofová, Postulator