A Soul of Man – A Passion of Mother Alphonse Marie

For the Servant of God, faith in God is not difficult to accept, neither it is an object of learned discussions. It is enthusiasm for God, it is vital adherence to God and His message, and it is personal adherence to God, of whom we expect salvation. Very naturally she holds on to the unity of love with God and Jesus Christ. The life of faith lived by the Servant of God was of imminent greatness, because Elizabeth Eppinger was led to live the first part of her life as a person on to whom God had laid His hand and who was called to make an extraordinary spiritual experience. She deeply longed for leading a life totally dedication to prayer and the perfect practice of virtues in the way of religious. She wanted to enter a religious order, but God wanted her to live this idea of perfection at first in the midst of her own people and in the parish community. In a mysterious way, He prepared her for the foundation of a Congregation devoted to nursing the sick and corresponding to the needs of her time.

Thoughts And Expressions of The Virtue Faith

A Teaching of Faith: The Truths She Believed

Understanding of the Church

Horror of sin