Adoration with Blessed Alphonse Marie

 Adoramus Te Domine…

My God, I am before You present in the Tabernacle. You see my tepidity. I am worried that my prayers offend You instead of glorifying You. Come and help Your poor creature. Remove everything that would lead away me from You.

My Jesus, give me the grace to meditate on Your love for us in the Blessed Sacrament. See, my Divine Spouse, the great desire to leave the world and everything in it to be completely devoted to You.

My Jesus, I will not leave unless You have pity on me. Even though I am not worthy You would hear me, do not look at my unworthiness. I desire to love You, but to prove my love for You, grant me the grace to feel and know Your love and mercy. Teach me, teach me, my Jesus!

My Jesus, my Divine Spouse, grant me the grace to know Your will. Show me the way I should walk. See, I try to fulfill Your will not mine. However, it happens that I look for my will not Yours. Open my eyes. My Jesus, have mercy on me! I completely abandon myself to Your will.
Adoramus Te Domine…

My Jesus, I owe You so much gratitude! I never stop to thank You for teaching me. I want always to be in Your presence and to hold You deeply my heart. I am afraid of being unfaithful to Your grace. You know my weakness. Have mercy on me and teach me Your ways.

My Jesus, I ask You for the grace to understand this teaching more clearly.

For You it is easy to deeply engrain into my heart and mind; it cost You nothing, my God.
Have mercy on me! Give me this grace less I would kneel and would not get up. I do not want to lose Your grace.

 Adoramus Te Domine…

My Jesus, help me to see my weakness and misery.
My Jesus, grant me the grace to be steady, persistent and to surrender to Your holy will.
How I desire to know Your holy will, would cost me much suffering!
I do not ask anything else, only what pleases You. I do not deserve anything else, but suffering.

Jesus, my Divine Spouse, have mercy on me and grant me the grace to know myself better. I would like to know, my Jesus, all Your graces and goodness to give You thanks from my heart, my Love.
Jesus, my Divine Spouse, make my heart Your possession and enkindle in it the fire of Your love. Take me and remold me according to Your holy will. See, I am nothing and I can do nothing. Place me into Your Most Holy Heart. Give me the spirit of true religious life.

 Adoramus Te Domine…

My Jesus, let all people know Your love and fatherly care, especially, the servants of the altar, confessors, and priests to whom are the souls entrusted.

Dear Jesus, have mercy on this parish! Let all parishioners know Your graces.
Have mercy, especially, on parents. Enlighten them to care more for the souls of their children. Have mercy on young people. Give them the grace to be pious and love virtues. Enkindle in them, Your love.

My Divine Spouse, it is my constant desire that Your Holy Name would be honored, loved and known still more by all people. Amen.

 Laudate omnes gentes, laudate Dominum…