Prayers of MAM

Prayer Before Receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation

“My God and my Savior, now I want to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Enlighten my confessor so he would, according to Your will, lead me along the way You prepared for me.”

Shortly before confession you should turn to God and earnestly pray with these words: “My Divine Spouse, I rely on You. I want to accept everything what my confessor will say in a way as You would say. But now, my Divine Spouse, open my heart that I may know what to say. My Jesus, I am so poor in knowing myself. Help me to look into my heart so I may know what displease You. Grant me, my Jesus, sincerity and decisiveness to say everything. Jesus, my Divine Spouse, have mercy on me!”


Prayer Before Receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Prayer for the Confessor

“Jesus, my Divine Spouse, a moment, when I might open my inner being to the confessor whom You recommended to me, is coming. Help me, so I can tell him all my bad affections but also my good affections You gave to me so he would lead me protecting my heart from pride and selfishness. Jesus, my Divine Spouse, grant light to my confessor that he may know Your holy will. I rely on You, my Jesus. In Your name I want be obedient to my confessor who was given to me according to Your holy will.

My Jesus, the words of my confessor I will hear, I want to exactly follow and accept them as You would commend them. Come to my help, my Jesus, through my confessor, let him know Your holy will.  I rely completely on You. I want to listen to my confessor.”

“I want to obey my confessor,
for I obey him I actually obeying You. “