On the Way of the Beatification

The Church venerates the Blessed and Saints as a model of Christian life. By her beatification, she represents a certain person as an example of Christian life for the Church of that country, Diocese and in our case, also our communities in the world. By canonization this veneration is spread in the whole universal Church. By beatification, the person is venerated also liturgically – first in the local Church and by canonization in the universal Church. The act of beatification is simple: the Diocesan Bishop asks the Prefect Cardinal, the legate of the Holy Father, for beatification completed during the Eucharistic celebration. The Prefect Cardinal answers by an Apostolic letter – a Decree Concerning the Liturgical Cult of the Beatified Person.

The time before the Beatification of our Foundress is a preparation time on the spiritual and organizational levels. Everywhere in the world where our Sisters live, the preparation for the Beatification is supported, mainly, by prayer. There are also catechesis, talks, and meetings focused on the life and virtues of our Foundress. Preparations are in full swing, especially, at the Motherhouse in Oberbronn. Of course, the Beatification of Alsatian Foundress of the Congregation in Niederbronn, Alphonse Marie Eppinger (1814-1867) and its preparation is a main event of the 2018 year for the Diocese of Strasburg.

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