Love for God – Constantly Looking for God

The Servant of God showed great love for God from her earliest childhood. This love constantly grew in her soul animating and marking all her words, thoughts, and actions. Her union with God was deep and constant; nothing could distract her from this.

Manifestation And Expression of this Love for God

Love for Jesus Christ

Prayer as Expression of the Love for God and for Jesus Christ

Fight Against Sin


Acceptation of Suffering

The Virgin Mary as a Model And Her Role of Intercession for a Life of Love

Concern that God’s Love May Be Spread

The love of God which the Servant of God lived had a very exceptional character. With all her strength she tried to practice a more and more perfect love for God; during her whole life she tried to live from it; with perseverance she accepted being transformed through this love. In her own “heroic” way she lived according to the commandment: “You must love the Lord Your God with all Your heart, with all Your soul, with all Your mind and with all Your strength“ (Deut. 6:5; Mk 12:30).


Love for Our Neighbor
– God’s Love, the Source of Love for Our Neighbor

The Spirit in which Love of Neighbor Is to Be Practiced

Expression of the Love for Neighbor

Concern for the Poor, Especially for Poor Children