The Virgin Mary as a Model

The Virgin Mary as a Model
and Her Role of Intercession for a Life of Love

The Servant of God loved the Virgin Mary in a noteworthy way. From her earliest childhood on, at the age of three, she felt the tender concern of the heavenly Mother, and from then on it was Mary she resorted to in all her needs. She wanted to get to God and to Jesus through Mary’s mediation. She asked her above all to preserve the purity of her soul. She wanted to imitate Mary in all her virtues which makes this purity flourish.
“I continuously recommended myself to the protection of the good Mother of God.”
She expected Mary to obtain for her the grace to follow Jesus as spouse in religious life. She had a great devotion to the Immaculate Conception.

“I often repeated the prayer: Through Your holy virginity and Your Immaculate Conception, oh Blessed Virgin, purify my heart and my flesh.” She desired and she hoped that Mary would always be loved and honored more and more in the Christian world. “Everything will be saved by Mary”, she repeated. She wanted her Daughters to recite and meditate the Rosary every day. But her devotion did not end with Mary: Thanks to the Virgin, the Servant of God wanted to get to God and Jesus to live in Communion with them.

Father Reichard, the Confessor of the Servant of God, and Bishop Raess, to whom she submitted all her conduct, attest to the purity of her conscience. Father Reichard says: “It is true that for that angelic soul, who in all her life was never troubled with a single impure thought, it is a real martyrdom to have to endure, after the Divine revelations, to have to reveal to many people coming to see her, their faults against purity.” Bishop Raess says: “Nothing gives me the right to say that she was filled with another spirit than that of God.”