The Stations of the Cross for Priests

The Stations of the Cross with Blessed Alphonse Marie Eppinger for Priests


Since her childhood, Blessed Alphonse Marie saw in a priest God alone. When she had the opportunity to meet him, she watched him motionlessly for a long time saying, “If only I could talk to him. He would certainly tell me about God.” In the collection of books about Bl. Alphonse Marie, there is a book titled “Prayers, Instructions and Exhortations of Ecstatic”. In this book are instructions and exhortations for spiritual life. There we can also read about who are priests, how they should follow Jesus and a way, how to acquire the characteristics of a good priest. According to Bl. Alphonse Marie, priests are ministers of God’s graces. They are brothers and favorites of our Savior. They have to be worthy representatives of our Savior. Therefore, they have to follow Him and impress His face and virtues deeply into their hearts. They will obtain these characteristics in meditation on the Passion of Jesus Christ.

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Prayer as Expression of the Love

Prayer as Expression of the Love for God and for Jesus Christ   

Elizabeth Eppinger’s passionate love for God is shown above all through the ardor which she had for prayer and the high gift of the prayer. From the age of four, she knew the joy of praying, at the age of seven she prayed a long time with arms out stretched; without neglecting her work, she took every chance to be alone in order to pray. “I felt strongly attracted to inner prayer and to constant and trusting union with God” (12 years old). “I practiced constant conversation with God all day long” (17 years old). Continue reading