Obtaining Grace – Finding a Job

January 2, 2010   Obtaining Grace in the Matter of My Son

The period, which I have just experienced, was one of the worst and full of anxiety. My only son, a Physician, always diligent and honored, after a successful job at a research institute, has unexpectedly lost his job. It seemed that nothing serious happened and in short time everything will be solved because promises to get a new job were several. He is really a specialist in his field.
But months went by and nothing happened. My son was totally exhausted. He needed the help of the Psychologist.
During this long period I prayed, daily, asking all-known saints and even our dear deceased to help him in this difficult situation. Nothing happened. I became disappointed and dissatisfied. Several other months went by full of fear. The situation changed in the beginning of November.
I went, with my relatives from Sicily, to our beautiful Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls in Rome. My relatives seeing my heavy situation did not want to bother me. I persuaded them to let me accompany them. We arrived late afternoon the Basilica. It seemed that it was already closed. Luckily, we found one door open, yet. It was the side gate.
There, Benedictine monks and some Sisters prayed Vespers – this, I learned later. At the beginning I really did not understand what was going on so I asked the present Sisters for an explanation. After the explanation, one of the Sisters gave me a Depliant of their Foundress, Mother Alphonse Marie Eppinger.
I never heard such a name. I didn’t know anything about her, but her picture immediately grasped me. Her serious, daring, decisive and at the same time kind look immediately gave me courage. At this moment I was happy to see on the last page the prayer for obtaining graces.
After I returned home, the same evening, I left everything aside and started to pray with the intention to continue for nine days asking Mother Alphonse Marie, as mother, for her intercession in the difficulties of my son. Praying so intensely, on the third or fourth day of Novena, the message came that my son may start back to work. I did not doubt longer about the grace from above. I thank Mother Alphonse Marie and all the Saints!
I continue my prayer to Mother Alphonse Marie every evening, who became my confidante in big or small difficulties from which I am not spared.
Thanks to all the Sisters who are devoted to suffering. I will delight in any new information about your dear Mother Alphonse Marie.

Elvira Rubino, Rome