Obtaining Grace – Finding a Job

January 2, 2010   Obtaining Grace in the Matter of My Son

The period, which I have just experienced, was one of the worst and full of anxiety. My only son, a Physician, always diligent and honored, after a successful job at a research institute, has unexpectedly lost his job. It seemed that nothing serious happened and in short time everything will be solved because promises to get a new job were several. He is really a specialist in his field.
But months went by and nothing happened. My son was totally exhausted. He needed the help of the Psychologist.
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Awakening from a Coma

January, 2005   Awakening from the Coma; DiagnosisPancreatic Cancer

On the Feast of our Divine Redeemer, October 23, 2004, Margita (24) was admitted to the Hospital in Vienna (SMZ Ost) with the diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer. Doctors said that surgery is out of the question and put her in a coma. She was in the coma until January 15, 2005. Continue reading

Diagnosis: Sclerosis Multiplex

November 22, 2004   Diagnosis: Sclerosis Multiplex

My illness started by tapping the toes and the ends of the fingers on the hands. From May 10–27, 2004, I was unable to go to work. I went for examinations and started treatment. My problems receded slightly which caused further examinations. From August 10, 2004, I had to be admitted to the Hospital in Topoľčany, neurological department. Doctors tested me for lumbar spinal puncture with result: Multiple Sclerosis (MS). You can imagine what I have been through. Thanks to our Religious Sisters and Associates who prayed asking Mother Alphonse Marie to intercede for me to God.

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The Healing of Sister Lukrécia

1962   The Healing of Sister Lukrécia Straková; Diagnosis: Lung Tuberculosis

In 1951, under the communism regime, Sisters were gathered in camp. Sister Lukrécia was sent to work in a factory in Czechs. After some time she became sick with Lung Tuberculosis (Caverns). She strongly trusted in the intercession of our Mother Alphonse Marie. She prayed to Mother asking her for intercession in heaven.

She was admitted to a special hospital in Tatry, Slovakia. When she was discharged, she found herself in difficult situation because of the communism regime. She could not go back to the factory. She came to the Sisters in Jasov to recover. Sister went for many regular appointments with doctors. The lung surgery was necessary. Sister Lukrécia stepped up her prayers (she prayed many Novenas asking for the grace of healing).

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The Healing of a Five Year Old Boy

November 2, 1949   The Healing of a Five Year Old Boy, Jacques Baumgartner; 
Diagnosis: Double-sided Ear Inflammation

Five-year-old Jacques suffered from a double-sided ear inflammation and diarrhea and lost a lot of weight. In the hospital he was treated by double parasentes  (piercing) and penicillin. The next day, the boy complained of cramps and later he stopped moving. They thought he was dead. The boy’s mother asked the Sisters for relics of Mother Alphonse Marie and prayed in unlimited confidence to our Foundress. Two doctors were called, who decided to operate the ear on October 9, 1947.  After surgery the boy felt well, but suddenly, on October 11th, the condition worsened. With little hope, the doctor ordered a blood transfusion. The boy was swollen. The swelling retreated after a few hours. Eight days after surgery, the health condition had become complicated. The boy became very weak, was fed by tube, and did not move. At this moment, his mother in a great hope put the relics of Mother Alphonse Marie on his eyes, saying: “Now sleep, my dear child.” Then the child slept for eight hours. Doctor confirmed that he withdraw all human resources to rescue this boy and the fact that the boy was rescued can only be attributed to supernatural interference from heaven.

St. Joseph Clinic, Kolmar