Awakening from a Coma

January, 2005   Awakening from the Coma; DiagnosisPancreatic Cancer

On the Feast of our Divine Redeemer, October 23, 2004, Margita (24) was admitted to the Hospital in Vienna (SMZ Ost) with the diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer. Doctors said that surgery is out of the question and put her in a coma. She was in the coma until January 15, 2005. Doctors could do nothing and all of them felt that she would no longer wake up.
I prayed to our Foundress for a miracle and I always imagined that Jesus, through the intercession of Mother Alphonse Marie, takes Margit by the hand as He did for Jairus’ daughter from the Gospel. I even said this in our Community at Christmas, although many gave up any hope of her survival. Almost three months passed. We consoled Margita’s mother and encouraged her to pray with us to our Foundress. On January 15, 2005, Margita suddenly opened her eyes and started to talk. Her mind was clear. Now she slowly recovers. There are no signs of the previous diagnosis.
When we heard this joyful message from Margita’s mother, we spontaneously shouted: “I prayed to our Mother Alphonse Marie”, the other: “Me, too”. We believe that it is a miracle obtained through the intercession of Mother Alphonse Marie.

Sister N.N