Saint Joseph, a Man of Poverty and Obedience

People venerated St. Joseph a long time ago. His most distinctive characteristics were gradually invoked, and thus the Litany to St. Joseph was formed. In it, there are two significant ejaculations: Joseph, obedient and Lover of poverty. These virtues of Joseph also touched Blessed Alphonse Marie, who chose St. Joseph for a principal patron of the Congregation.

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Saint Joseph, “Foster-Father” and a Patron of the Motherhouse and the Congregation

A family is the basic cell of the community. The head of the Holy Family was St. Joseph, whom we also call foster-father of Jesus. Despite the difficulties they met, that there was no room for them in the inn in Bethlehem, that they have to fly to Egypt, etc. he always took care to find a shelter for Jesus and Mary. As a foster-father, he took good care of the child Jesus and raised Him in wisdom. Continue reading

St. Joseph, Healer and the Servant of Our Lady

Healer and the greatest servant of Our Lady are other titles we can invoke St. Joseph. St. Joseph was involved into the mystery of Incarnation of God from eternity. He collaborated in the work of redemption by taking Mary, who was with child, into his house and God-Jesus as well. Through the merits of Jesus and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, he received many graces, for which he humbly served them in everyday needs. Continue reading

St. Joseph, Fulfiller of God’s Intentions

A few days later heaven seemed to respond to this blind trust, which Mother Alphonse had toward St. Joseph. A postulant, Margarete Chevreux, was the means through whom St. Joseph made known God’s intentions. Since the Alsatian dialect was strange to her, she found it hard to make herself understood. She was so disappointed that she determined to return home. But Mother Alphonse Marie, to whom she had entrusted herself, said to her, “You may go in peace, but you will return.” Continue reading

St. Joseph Builder, Provider, and Protector of the New House

On March 18th, the Reverend Mother Alphonse Marie felt compelled to entrust all her cares regarding the building of the new house, to St. Joseph. The following day March 19th (his feast day), she consecrated the Congregation to him, he was to be their protector and provider; he would build the new house for them.

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