St. Joseph, Healer and the Servant of Our Lady

Healer and the greatest servant of Our Lady are other titles we can invoke St. Joseph. St. Joseph was involved into the mystery of Incarnation of God from eternity. He collaborated in the work of redemption by taking Mary, who was with child, into his house and God-Jesus as well. Through the merits of Jesus and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, he received many graces, for which he humbly served them in everyday needs.“Trust in Our Lady must be the most fervent prayer and the intercession of St. Joseph. Trust in the Blessed Virgin is a heavenly grace, for which one must constantly ask. However, there is no saint, who will intercede for us more effectively than Saint Joseph, the greatest servant of Our Lady.” (BUSSON, C.-I.: Život a vízie, s. 103).

St. Joseph is continuing his mission. When the Son of God entrusted him the new Congregation and its members, he was not outdone in generosity. Seeing that a young Congregation still needs her mother, who was ill near to death, he interceded for her to get well from “his Son”.

 “On Sunday, March 10, 1850, a spell of weakness and exhaustion forced her to bed. She was so weak she could hardly speak, and her face burned with fever. The following Tuesday the doctor diagnosed pneumonia, and she was near death. In this critical situation, her confessor encouraged her: ´Courage, my daughter, by tomorrow you will be better. The good God knows how necessary you are for these children, and He also wants you to work for His glory and the salvation of others whom He will send here. Your spiritual daughters are praying to St. Joseph for you, and tomorrow I am going to offer the holy Sacrifice of the Mass for this intention. You will receive Holy Communion in the Chapel´.  During the night she suffered very much and there seemed little hope of recovery. But in the morning, when the little bell sounded, she already felt better. In obedience, she got up and walked to the chapel without help, participated in the holy Mass and received the Body of the Lord. To everyone’s amazement, she had recovered.” (PERRIN, J. M.: The Life of Mother Alphonse-Marie, p. 61).

 An aid of St. Joseph comes always in time if it is God’s will

and if we turn to him with trust.