The Strength to Witness of Holiness

The Strength to Witness of Holiness is a Monumental Message of Hope

In July of this year, the Sisters of Blessed Alphonse Marie, worldwide, celebrate  
the 153rd anniversary of the Birth for heaven of their

Foundress, Alphonse Marie Eppinger,
as well as the parish priest, Father John David Reichard,

co-founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Savior, from Alsace, in France.


These two greats worked together on personal holiness and the work of the Congregation, and almost at the same time, they received the final invitation to the house of the heavenly Father. We all agree that those who know the history and its personalities, they go perfectly and confidently into the future. Let us go back in our thoughts to our “cradle” in Niederbronn, where 153 years ago our beloved Foundress, Alphonse Marie, and Father John David Reichard, confessor, spiritual director, and co-founder of our Congregation, spent their last days of their earthly lives, and after walking together and working on common work, both received their reward in heaven.

So, let us draw from the springs of the past that we may walk confidently toward the future…

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