Rosary with MAM

Sorrowful Mysteries

1. The Agony In The Garden
Let us go to the Cross of Jesus in order to gather the precious Blood, so that none of it may be lost.

2. Scourging At The Pillar
Pray, suffer, and bear your cross with Me.

3. The Crowning With Thorns
The suffering soul finds consolation and strength in the five wounds of Jesus.

4. The Carrying Of The Cross
I took the cross in my hands, kissed it, covered it with tears as I meditated on the sufferings of my Redeemer.

5. The Crucifixion Of Jesus
How could one hesitate to embrace the cross and to nail oneself completely to it, when the reward will be eternal?


Joyful Mysteries

1. The Annunciation
Trough your holy virginity and your Immaculate Conception, O most pure Virgin, purify my heart and my body.

2. The Visitation
No effort, no exertion and no sacrifice should be too great for you when it is demanded by the love of your neighbor.

3. The Birth Of Jesus
O my Jesus, I wish I could kneel at your feet with true reverence and sincere love.

4. The Presentation
For a soul who has given herself to God, no sacrifice should be too hard or too difficult.

5. Finding Jesus In The Temple
You must call to God unceasingly for His support, but it is of great importance that you do so with the simplicity and humility of a child talking with his father.


Luminous Mysteries

1. The Baptism Of Jesus
How happy I am to be a child of the true Church. This thought, being a child of Christian parents, impelled me to respect and obey my parents.

2. The Wedding At Cana
Continue to pray, my daughter, for this prayer is pleasing to me. Look, my daughter, I am Jesus your Spouse, who taught you how to pray in your heart.

3. Proclaiming The Kingdom
Priests are they who dispense divine graces. They are the brethren and the favorites of our beloved Redeemer.

4. The Transfiguration Of Jesus
More and more did I fell myself drawn to solitude and to prayer.

5. The Institution Of The Holy Eucharist
If Holy Communion could produce in you the fruits that it should, you would be angels and not men. Holy Communion is the best means of enkindling love for Jesus.


 Glorious Mysteries

1. The Resurrection
Allow the new man to be born in you; this new birth is painful, but what consolation and what honor will come in its wake.

2. The Ascension
To a soul that would raise herself to God, nothing is moreuseful than profound silence.

3. Descent Of The Holy Spirit
You shall undertake nothing nor give any counsel before having sought advice from God.

4. The Assumption
May the thought of heaven give you courage. Consider that the saints became holy only through struggles and suffering.

5. Coronation Of Mary
We love Mary and will become holy if we imitate her.