Prayers of MAM

Prayer for the Confessor

“Jesus, my Divine Spouse, have mercy on me and grant me the grace to know better myself. I would like to know also, my Jesus, all Your graces and goodness to give You, my Love, thanks from the bottom of my heart. Jesus, my Divine Spouse, look, I am so poor, I can know and do nothing without Your grace. I beg You, grant me Your grace to be genuine toward my spiritual director whom You gave me.  Jesus, my Love, grant my Confessor the grace to know Your holy will. Show him the way he should lead me. Enlighten him, my Love, and grant him the grace to help me to know all my affections. Put in his mouth the words which should touch my heart. Grant him Your grace to warn me against pride and egoism. My Divine Spouse, I will plead You until You will have pity on me through my Confessor.  Look, my Jesus, my Love, I want to see Your will in the word of my Confessor. Please, talk to me through his mouth. Grant me the light and help him, I want to obey him. “