Respect for the Priests of Blessed Alphonse Marie

The greatest grace, which God gave us,

is the Eucharist and the priesthood,

 thanks to which priests can administer the sacraments to us.


 These are the words of the mystic, Blessed Alphonse Marie,

baptismal name Elizabeth Eppinger


1. A Source of a Respect for Priests and Priesthood of the Young Elizabeth


It is right to ask ourselves, how the respect towards priest’s dignity, priests, and priesthood was born in still little Elizabeth.

We have to say that this respect began in her with her upbringing in the Eppinger family.

Her early recollections, about which Elizabeth narrates, lead us to know the atmosphere of her family. In her Autobiography, from her own mouth, we learn how important is the care for good moral and religious education in her family despite hard work and how much she evaluates the principles she has received through the good care of her parents.

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To the New Priests

In June the new  Priests are ordained.

The one,  who faithfully walks the steps of Bl. Alphonse Marie

appreciates this time and expresses gratitude

for every priestly vocation.  Why?


“A constant reminiscence of the priestly ordination is a grace which always brings to the priest a lot of courage.” 

(Blessed Alphonse Marie Eppinger)


«One of the greatest blessings God has given us in his Passion is the Institution of the Eucharist and the Priesthood through which the holy Sacraments are administered.« Continue reading

Understanding of the Church

Understanding of the Church

The Servant of God was obedient to the Church, whose laws she faithfully observed. She venerated the Church in its visible head. She prayed a lot for Pope Pius IX, who was then ruling. She offered her sufferings for him. She had great esteem for the bishops; personally as well as in the administration of her Congregation she was especially loyal to Bishop Raess. She showed great respect for all priests, in whom she saw God himself.
“I would have gone down on my knees before anyone of them to ask them for their blessing.” And in a special way, during her whole life she had great respect for her spiritual director and was completely obedient to him, Father Reichard, who was called to found the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Savior. She called on her Daughters to be completely obedient to the ministers of the altar.  The Original Rule says: “They will always be obedient to the pastor, who, whatever his ministry may be, is to be regarded by them as the legitimate authority.”

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