Meditation of Blessed Alphonse Marie

How did Blessed Alphonse Marie meditate on the crown of thorns?


She says, “The best way on how to prepare for meditation is to stand in God’s presence and talk as a child: ´My Jesus, I am impelled to meditate on this mystery, but, how can I handle it without your extraordinary grace, help, and support? Look, how poor and weak I am! Say to my heart just one word. Show me Your will. If only I could engrave deep into my heart my resolutions. I am not able to do it; you must do it instead of me, my Jesus. Have mercy on me!´”

Then, she meditated on the cruel coronation with all its circumstances and the reason Jesus endured this cruel coronation. She said to her Divine Spouse, “What made you suffer this pain?”


He answered, “My child, the pride and stubbornness caused that.” Then, she saw the Redeemer’s face, how terrible and dreadfully He was mistreated by the despised soul and its consequences. At the same time she saw the frightening face of Ecce Homo in his suffering.

She cried when she saw her Redeemer suffering so pitifully, “O my Divine Spouse, my Love, let me know how I have offended you, because I know I have pressed these thorns deeper into your head.

She saw the many futile and useless thoughts of many people who deal in their thoughts only with the vanities of the world and thus multiply the suffering of the Divine Redeemer so terribly.


What she saw in this and in further visions and what she was taught she must occasionally say to others, therefore also to us at this time of the pandemic. Every time she also heard the means by which the passions are to be suppressed.   


 (From Prayers of Blessed Alphonse Marie, p. 9)