To the New Priests

In June the new  Priests are ordained.

The one,  who faithfully walks the steps of Bl. Alphonse Marie

appreciates this time and expresses gratitude

for every priestly vocation.  Why?


“A constant reminiscence of the priestly ordination is a grace which always brings to the priest a lot of courage.” 

(Blessed Alphonse Marie Eppinger)


«One of the greatest blessings God has given us in his Passion is the Institution of the Eucharist and the Priesthood through which the holy Sacraments are administered.«

Priests are the most loved by God the Father. What does Blessed Alphonse Marie advise them saying about the importance of the day of their Priestly ordination? How does it affect their perseverance and holiness? Well, let us listen her precious words:

A priest should remember the day when he received the priestly ordination and the vow, he made to God. This is a point to which he maybe does not pay attention in everyday life, yet it is vital.

A constant reminiscence of the priestly ordination is a grace which always brings to the priest a lot of courage.

The reason many priests leave the priesthood lies in they do not if at all, consider the importance of their priestly ordination. This causes them to easily betray, or even have already betrayed their vows, first with the little matters, and later even great ones. First they are looking for themselves, then various kinds of vanity until they are overwhelmed by internal arrogance and pride.

When they are overwhelmed by pride and selfishness, the spirit of the world will master them still more and more. The cause of this condition is tepidity and superficiality in meditation. Finally, they fill resistance to all spiritual matters.

This always starts with small things. When they are not vigil in small things, they lapse into still greater mistakes. Passion is increasingly swelling, especially the passion of sensuality, which weakens the spirit.  

I would like to say to every priest, to take seriously every one of these temptations, to pray for his superiors, and abide with God, because the one who prays for his superiors, prays for himself also.

If only I would tell all priests how these seemingly inconspicuous things take larger dimensions over time!

This is what can strengthen priest extraordinary: It is a remembrance on the day when he submitted his obedience and subjection to the Bishop.

It would be nice to often remember these great graces, as well as inner joy, satisfaction, decision to which he came, and resolutions he made.

In the beginning, it is always just about the little things.