Diagnosis: Sclerosis Multiplex

November 22, 2004   Diagnosis: Sclerosis Multiplex

My illness started by tapping the toes and the ends of the fingers on the hands. From May 10–27, 2004, I was unable to go to work. I went for examinations and started treatment. My problems receded slightly which caused further examinations. From August 10, 2004, I had to be admitted to the Hospital in Topoľčany, neurological department. Doctors tested me for lumbar spinal puncture with result: Multiple Sclerosis (MS). You can imagine what I have been through. Thanks to our Religious Sisters and Associates who prayed asking Mother Alphonse Marie to intercede for me to God.

At this time I felt a great need to attend Holy Mass and pray the rosary. I felt the power of prayer and God’s grace.
Meanwhile, further examinations were necessary. The result of the last examination from November 22, 2004, was: “Unambiguous signal changes typical for the cerebral form of MS are not present.” Immediately I texted to all: “Thanks to God, my diagnosis has not been confirmed.”
My faith was deepened. Now, I feel God’s presence in prayer, at home, everywhere I go, especially while I pray the rosary or attend Holy Mass. I understand this as a challenge to be humble, to pray for the Beatification of Mother Alphonse Marie, and to be more devoted to God for the graces I have received.

Mrs. N.N.