The Healing of Sister Lukrécia

1962   The Healing of Sister Lukrécia Straková; Diagnosis: Lung Tuberculosis

In 1951, under the communism regime, Sisters were gathered in camp. Sister Lukrécia was sent to work in a factory in Czechs. After some time she became sick with Lung Tuberculosis (Caverns). She strongly trusted in the intercession of our Mother Alphonse Marie. She prayed to Mother asking her for intercession in heaven.

She was admitted to a special hospital in Tatry, Slovakia. When she was discharged, she found herself in difficult situation because of the communism regime. She could not go back to the factory. She came to the Sisters in Jasov to recover. Sister went for many regular appointments with doctors. The lung surgery was necessary. Sister Lukrécia stepped up her prayers (she prayed many Novenas asking for the grace of healing).

The next time,  she went for an appointment with Dr. Müller, Pulmonary, in Moldava nad Bodvou. After thorough examinations, the Doctor said: ”Your lungs are clear; the surgery is not required.”
Sister Lukrécia believed that she was miraculously healed. Subsequently, she asked the doctor to issue a confirmation that her previous diagnosis was not, inexplicably, confirmed. The Doctor acknowledged the healing but was afraid to issue a confirmation because of the communism regime.
Because of Lung Tuberculosis, Sister Lukrécia was receiving a pension for disability. Now, this became a strange situation. The Doctor still called her for regular appointments but he had to confirm that she was healed so she lost her pension.

She started to work as a Nurse in an assisted living facility, in Pilníkov na Morave. The Lung Tuberculosis was never again occurred. To the rest of her life, with gratitude, she testified this witness among the Sisters. She was convinced that she was healed through the intercession of Mother Alphonse Marie. She died in 1997, in Vrícko.

Sister Bonavíta