The Healing of a Five-month Old Boy

November 15, 1932   The Healing of a Five-month Old Boy, Franz Tabourean;
Diagnosis: Colisepsia

Five-month old Franz was very seriously ill and on November 11, 1931 doctors gave up hope for his cure. The community of Sisters decided to pray the Novena to Mother Alphonse Marie. They prayed three times “Our Fathers”, “Hail Marys”, and “Glories”. They expressed gratitude to God for the graces granted to their Foundress – her personally, as well as the whole Congregation.
On November 14, 1931 the doctor left the boy’s room with the words that the boy will pass in a half hour. Despite this state, the boy still lived on the second day. Sister Valesia, who took care of him, saw that it was his last hour. This condition lasted until evening. When the parents left the room there was an improvement. The boy got well, started to take fluids, and in a short time he was completely healed.

It is necessary to notice that when the Sisters ended the Novena, the boy unceasingly cried – day and night without knowing the cause. The family prayed again the Novena to Mother Alphonse Marie, but this time as a thanksgiving to God. Then the boy calmed down.

Sister Marie Catherine