The Healing of Florenz Baer

February 27, 1932   Diagnosis: Septicemia of Left Shoulder

Florenz (37), a war invalid, suffered from tuberculosis in the left shoulder. On November 23, 1931, even the Surgeon opened his shoulder, he suffered much. The bone fell apart due to the intense pus formation. The Doctor ordered surgery on December 21st, which was moved to December 23, 1931. The condition of the patient got worse. The Sisters started to pray the Novena to our Foundress to seek out the healing of the sick or at least the rescue of his shoulder. After two days of prayers, the patient got better and pain eased. Some days later, the doctor stated that the bone grew again. After the shoulder’s x-rays on February 27, 1932, the doctor excluded surgery and noted improvement. The sick recovered soon.

Sister Leontina