Transparent Life

The Servant of God always carefully preserved her virginal purity. She loved this virtue with preference, and her prayers as a child, and as a young girl reveal this: “Oh my Jesus, grant me the grace of always maintaining my heart very pure. Won’t You, my good Jesus, give me the grace of serving You in the state of virginity and to be able to die in the same? I do not want to be a virgin only in name, but my heart must be adorned with virtues which You demand of a virgin”. At the age of 14, she made the vow of virginity for a year and at the age of 21 the vow of perpetual chastity.In order to preserve her purity, she did everything with constant vigilance. Not only did she pray a lot, she also decided to imitate the Blessed Virgin in her modesty. Usually she lowered her eyes, speaking only when necessity and charity demanded this. Also her exterior, her bearing, her looks reflected an angelic purity which delighted all who approached her and led them to God. Father Reichard testifies: “Her purity was such that she trembled at the hint of subjects representing the opposite of this virtue.”

She wanted to protect her Daughters from any danger to their purity recommending that they should immediately flee the world and loose manners: “I beg you, to start living as is fitting to a spouse of Jesus Christ. Follow your Divine Spouse who lived a secluded life to the highest degree. Meditate Him as you want, you will find only in Him collectedness and modesty.”