Prayers of MAM

Prayer in Time of Aridity

“Jesus, my Divine Spouse, look, I am in danger to be unfaithful. Grant me the grace to repress my will and follow Your will because I can no longer stand it. Impatience and hopelessness suddenly attacked me, but I do not want to oppose Your will, I want only and only to fulfill it. Help me and strengthen me, otherwise I am lost. My Jesus, look on my misery and weakness! Look, how weak I am! Mary, my Mother, intercede for me. Look, my Mother, how many graces you interceded to St. Teresa from your Son. Look at me, your poor handmaid. From my age of fourteen, my desire to follow this Saint is great; day-by-day I increasingly feel resistance against the world and to myself. Please, look at me and see my great suffering. I have no taste to pray even though I desire after it. How great is my suffering! My Mother, is it bold to want to follow this Saint? My Mother, I do not ask for those extraordinary graces this Saint received. I ask for grace to follow her in love. I ask, especially, for the grace to be always faithful Jesus, my Divine Spouse. My Mother, I totally rely on you.

My Jesus, I cannot live any further without loving You.”