Prayers of MAM

Prayer After Meditation in which God Granted Us Extraordinary Graces and Light

“My Jesus, I owe You immense gratitude. I never stop to thank You for this teaching. I want You to be constantly before my eyes and put You deeply into my heart.  I am afraid that I could easily abandon Your grace. You surely know my weaknesses. Have mercy on me and give me more and more lessons. Please help me, my Jesus, to understand Your lessons more and more distinctly and clearly. For You, it is easy to push it deeply into my heart and soul, it nothing cost You, my God.

Have mercy on me! Grant me this grace, otherwise I won’t get up from kneeling. I do not want to lose Your grace easily.”


Prayer After Meditation in Time of Aridity

“Look, my Jesus, I end my meditation. The time, assigned for it, has been fulfilled, but I have done little. How could I be so cold and heartless during my meditation toward You! I feel so far away from You… Jesus, have pity on me!

My God, accept my gratitude, I am not able to give You more. Jesus, You see my weakness, I have nothing else. Jesus, I desire to know and understand what to do in this situation to fulfill Your will. Grant me the grace to know Your will.”