Practice of the Virtue of Hope

Practice of the Virtue of Hope throughout the Life

For the Servant of God, from her first childhood to her death, God was always her only goal, her only destination, her reason for living and acting. In Him she placed all her trust without reserve. One day, when Elizabeth was sick and Father Busson asked her: “What is the greatest happiness for you down here and in the next life?” She answered: “Only the possession of God (belonging to God). God is everything. Where He is, there is plenitude. Where He is not, there is nothingness. Possessing (belonging to) God down here is substantially the same happiness as that of the saints in heaven. If we rejoice in God less fully on earth, this does not mean that we love Him less.” 

In everything she saw only God’s will to be fulfilled. In fulfilling it, she placed all her hope in God for this life and for eternal life. “Oh Jesus, in these troubled days You must help Your Church. Only You can do it; You can help it. Oh Mary, do not reject this plea. It is for Your Son’s glory and for His Church.”
Constantly and with great strength, she also wished to be able to lead the sinners this way. Her wish and her desire pushed her to pray continuously and vehemently for the conversion of sinner.