I came into the world as light

“I came into the world as light,

so that everyone who believes in me 

might not remain in darkness.” (Jn 12:46)


The world needs people

who help others, to find the gift of faith,

that their hearts would be enlightened.


Blessed Alphonse Marie,

a woman of light, showed us the way.

Now, it is our turn to bear the light of faith

of the newborn Jesus, forth.


Sister’s Respond to the Epidemics

Blessed Alphonse Marie and her Sister’s Respond to the Epidemics

Holy Father Francis says that “the crisis of the coronavirus pandemic affects all of us: both rich and poor. He talks about the descent to the reality of the inconspicuous saints, especially those who stand in the front line in the battle against the coronavirus, trying to help the sick.

We can also include among these inconspicuous saints our Foundress, Blessed Alphonse Marie Eppinger, who founded our Congregation in the time of devastating epidemics in 1849, in spa town of Niederbronn, Alsace, France.

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Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

A Prayer of Bl. Alphonse Marie to the Heart of Jesus

Jesus, give the grace to keep my heart pure throughout my life,
so I can serve you in purity.

It is not only in name that I want to remain a virgin;

my heart, too, shall be adorned with those virtues that you expect of a virgin.
My Divine Spouse,
I drive my heart into yours.
Take it and give me yours.
Yet, I live, no longer I, but only in God.

I offer myself every day only to God.

In every moment I offer my body, will, heart,

and my desires only to Him. Amen.

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To the New Priests

In June the new  Priests are ordained.

The one,  who faithfully walks the steps of Bl. Alphonse Marie

appreciates this time and expresses gratitude

for every priestly vocation.  Why?


“A constant reminiscence of the priestly ordination is a grace which always brings to the priest a lot of courage.” 

(Blessed Alphonse Marie Eppinger)


«One of the greatest blessings God has given us in his Passion is the Institution of the Eucharist and the Priesthood through which the holy Sacraments are administered.« Continue reading